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          CUSTOM ORDER

          With this service, where all the details are personalized, we offer our customers a wide choice of colors and materials, and we guarantee to serve them in an atmosphere where they can enjoy comfortable shopping.

          Our customers, who want to receive personalized order service, contact our stores and make a rehearsal appointment and have products that will be meticulously produced for them.

          You have the right to demand excellence from us, because quality is a global language!

          High-tech fur production workshop in Istanbul!

          Our workshop has been serving with unconditional care for about a quarter of a century, aiming to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level, with first quality feather group raw materials consisting of valuable game animals such as chinchilla, mink, sable, fox, rabbit.

          In our workshop, where first quality leathers are transformed into unique designs as well as feather groups, our experienced tailors are ready to meet the personalized demands of our customers.

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